Asbestos inventory

The preparation of an asbestos inventory is one of the specialties of Demolition & Recycling Consultants®.Thanks to continuous training, we keep our knowledge up-to-date so that a high quality document is delivered.

An asbestos inventory of a building is a document based on an on-site inspection. This inspection includes a tour in and around the building, in which all areas and components are thoroughly examined. If an asbestos-suspected material is detected, this is either visually assessed as containing asbestos or the application is sampled and analyzed by a recognized laboratory.

Legal asbestos inventory

According to the federal labor legislation for the protection of employees (Royal Decree 2006) every employer is obliged to protect his or her employees against fiber release of asbestos-containing applications. The employer must therefore have an asbestos inventory for every location where he employs his employees. If asbestos-containing applications are present, this inventory shows how to deal with this. A management program is therefore drawn up which must be updated annually together with the asbestos inventory.

Destructive asbestos inventory

This asbestos inventory is drawn up in the context of demolition, renovation or dismantling work. During the inspection, not only the visible asbestos-containing applications are listed, but also destructive work is done. This means that false ceilings, walls etc. are broken open so that no surprises arise during the demolition. By compiling this inventory, the demolition company has useful information that can help him to correctly remove the asbestos-containing applications.

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